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Guitar Chord Progression:

I-vi-IV-V - -

The "50's Cliche" I-vi-IV-V progression 50C
These are MIDI backing tracks of the progression above. They are in 8 keys and three tempos (65, 90 and 120). Use them to get the sound of the cords, and as backing tracks. They are long 10-15 minutes, which makes them boring as listening track, but good for practise.
65 very slow C D Eb E F G A Bb
90 Slow C D Eb E F G A Bb
120 Medium C D Eb E F G A Bb

Recordings with the I-vi-IV-V progression - Annotaded

  • The Beatles - All My Loving -
  • The Beatles - A Day in the Life -
  • The Beatles - Glass Onion -
  • The Beatles - Happiness Is A Warm Gun -
  • The Beatles - A Hard Day's Night -
  • The Beatles - I'll Get You -
  • The Beatles - I'm So Tired -
  • The Beatles - I've Just Seen a Face -
  • The Beatles - Octopus's Garden -
  • The Beatles - Please Mister Postman -
  • The Beatles - Real Love -
  • The Beatles - This Boy -
  • Eric Clapton - Something Special -
  • Hoobastank - The Reason -
  • Ricky Nelson - Poor Little Fool -
  • The Penguins - Earth Angel -
  • The Police - Every Breath You Take -
  • The Rolling Stones - Hang Fire -
  • Standard - In the Still of the Night -
  • Sting - Every Breath You Take -

  • Books covering the progression -

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    4-Chord Songbook: Bob Dylan
    Play eighteen of the very best Bob Dylan songs using just 4 chords! The four chords, G, C, D and E minor are shown as standard chord diagrams above each song as a reminder.
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    4-Chord Songbook: Bob Marley
    Learn to play 20 Bob Marley songs using the same 4 chords! Each of the four chords - G, C, D and E minor - is shown as a standard chord diagram above each song as a reminder.
    RefNr: AM988196
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    Larger image 4-Chord Songbook - More Classic Hits
    The 4-Chord Songbook: More Classic Hits allows you to play all of these classic songs using the same 4 chords.
    RefNr: AM988207
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    4-Chord Songbook: Acoustic Hits
    The 4-Chord Songbook: Acoustic Hits allows the beginner guitarist to build a repertoire of classic songs using the same four chords.
    RefNr: AM987756
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