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Guitar Chord Progression:

I-ii-iii-IV - - Chord stream

Other Chord stream progressions

A "chord stream" is characterized by sliding, step wise root movement from chord to chord. This is a technique is most closely associated with either early twentieth century Impressionism or Jazz and it happens to break one of the standard old-fashioned rules against using parallel octaves and fifths between chords. Aesthetically, it suggests a languid sensuality. (This is taken from Alan W Pollack's comments to P.S. I Love You) We will stick to some more basic application of this harmonization. I think of it as climbing the harmonized scale, and this was the name I had given to such progressions until I learned the term "chord stream".

You should notice that this progression starts with the I-ii-iii, and you should look into this for more information. Now we take the chord stream one step further up the harmonized scale, and get the I-ii-iii-IV progression. And I do of course go once again to a song by The Beatles:Here, There and Everywhere. Many holds this as the best song written by Lennon & McCartney. I am not a great fan of this kind of contests, so I am not going to give my vote. But it is a great song.

The song is in the key of G-major, and the verse starts with the chords G-Am-Bm-C, which is then repeated.

Recordings with the I-ii-iii-IV progression - Annotaded

  • The Beatles - Ask Me Why -
  • The Beatles - Getting Better -
  • The Beatles - Here, There And Everywhere -

  • Books covering the progression -

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