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The Mississippi John Hurt Book and Two CD's

The playing of Mississippi John Hurt combines lyrical songs with lovely guitar arrangements. 26 arrangements are presented in this collection.
Level: 0, 96 pages
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Written by: Stefan Grossman

The playing of: Mississippi John Hurt

Format: Transcription (TAB) Medium: Book/2CD
Series: Master of Coutry Blues GuitarPublisher: Warner Brothers
Genre: * | Blues - Country | * | Fingerstyle - Blues |

Played by Mississippi John Hurt, written by Stefan Grossman. Guitar tablature songbook and performance CD for guitar and voice.

With guitar tablature, standard guitar notation, vocal melody, lyrics, chord names, introductory text and black & white photos. Country Blues. 9x12 inches.

Transcriptions in notation and tablature plus the original recordings of classic blues by Mississippi John Hurt. Titles include Shake That Thing, Casey Jones, See See Rider and more. Original recordings included on the CDs.

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Mississippi John Hurt Ain't Nobody But You Baby -
Mississippi John Hurt Avalon Blues -
Mississippi John Hurt Big Leg Blues -
Mississippi John Hurt Blessed Be the Name -
Mississippi John Hurt Candyman -
Mississippi John Hurt Casey Jones -
Mississippi John Hurt Coffee Blues -
Mississippi John Hurt Corrinna, Corrinna -
Mississippi John Hurt Got The Blues, Can't Be Satisfied -
Mississippi John Hurt Hey Baby, Right Away -
Mississippi John Hurt Joe Turner Blues -
Mississippi John Hurt Let the Mermaids Flirt With Me -
Mississippi John Hurt Louis Collins -
Mississippi John Hurt Make Me a Pallet on Your Floor -
Mississippi John Hurt Monday Morning Blues -
Mississippi John Hurt Nobody's Dirty Business -
Mississippi John Hurt Oh Mary Don't You Weep -
Mississippi John Hurt Praying on the Old Camp Grounds -
Mississippi John Hurt Richlands Women Blues -
Mississippi John Hurt See See Rider -
Mississippi John Hurt Shake That Thing -
Mississippi John Hurt Sliding Delta -
Mississippi John Hurt Spike Driver's Blues -
Mississippi John Hurt Stack O'Lee Blues -
Mississippi John Hurt Stocktime -
Mississippi John Hurt Trouble I've Had All My Days -

Book of the Month 2003-05

Guitar Book of the Month May 2003 - Mississippi John Hurt: Masters of Country Blues Guitar

Mississippi John Hurt was a modest man, but he has had an enormous influence on contemporary guitar picking. So it probably just what one should expect when the book/CD set dedicated to him in the Masters of Country Blues Guitar Series quitely has moved into this web-site's bestseller list.

If you go to my Mississippi John Hurt page, you will see that this set is listed both in the record section and in the book section. Because it is both at the same time. The set is one book and 2 CDs. You can see it as a double CD with original recordings of Mississippi John Hurt. Or you can see i as a book with an introduction to Mississippi John Hurt with transcriptions and lyrics to 26 of his songs. You get both, and you get it at a price you usually will have to pay for just one CD.

The tunes in the book are transcribed by Stefan Grossman. They are grouped according to they keys. This gives five groups, as Mississippi John Hurt favored five keys: C, G, D, A and E. In this book/CD set, they are presented in the following sequence:

  • 5 songs in G-major
  • 11 songs in C-major (his favorite key)
  • 3 songs in E-major
  • 3 songs in A-major
  • 4 songs in D-major.

The selection of songs give a good cross section of Mississippi John Hurt's playing in standard tuning, with songs like Spike Drivers's Blues; Got The Blues, Can't Be Satisfied; Make Me A Pallet On Your Floor; Avalon Blues; Candyman and more. But one important song, Frankie, that Mississippi John Hurt played in Open G tuning is missing.

I am listeing to these records while I am writing this. Again it strikes how powerful his playing was. If you look at the transcriptions and play through them, they are genereally fairly simple, yet all of them have subtleties that makes them interesting. This makes Mississippi John Hurt a good choice for beginning fingerpickers. But when you listen to Mississippi John Hurt's playing, you wonder: How can this simple style sound so complex and powerful?

When you listen to his playing and follow the transcriptions, it proves two things:

  1. It is how the notes are played, and not which notes are played that distinguish the masters from the rest of us.
  2. With all these old time artists, you have to listen to the original. To hear someone else playing Mississippi John Hurt's, Robert Johnson's or any other's tunes can never substitute the originals.

Other Mississippi John Hurt's Playing

Mississippi John Hurt's playing is covered in many books on traditional blues and on fingerpicking. If you want to learn fingerpicking, you can hardly avoid him. But if you want to study his playing more in depth, the only alternative choice is the two videos listed below. As they include footage of Mississippi John Hurt playing the tunes that are analyzed, they are valuable as more than intruction videos.

Other books in the Masters of Country Blues Guitar Series

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