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MBGU Fingerstyle Curriculum: Best Celtic Solos

A collection of tunes in the Celtic style arranged by some of today's best-known Fingerstyle guitarists. Several of O'Carolan's pieces are included, along with a number of traditional favorites. Both standard guitar notation and tablature are provided throughout for the convenience of those who are more comfortable reading in one style or the other.
Level: , 56 pages
RefNr: MB21379BCD
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Written by: William Gangel

Written by: Stephen Siktberg

Format: Method Medium: Book/CD
Series: Mel Bay Guitar University MBGUPublisher: Mel Bay
Genre: * | Celtic - General | * | Fingerstyle - Celtic |

Songs - Compositions - Recordings
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Duck Baker Bridget Cruise -
Duck Baker Callaghan's Hornpipe -
Duck Baker Chief O'Neill's favorite -
Duck Baker The Duke Of Fife's Welcome To Deeside -
Duck Baker The Faerie Queen -
Duck Baker Green Fields of America -
Duck Baker Gusty's Frolics -
Duck Baker Jenny Picking Cockles -
Duck Baker Midnight on the Water -
Duck Baker O'Carolan's Draught -
Duck Baker Pretty Girl Milking A Cow -
Duck Baker Swedish Jig -
Steven Eckles Darling Nelly Gray -
Mark Geslison O'Carolan's Draught -
Stefan Grossman The West Wind -
El McMeen Bridget Cruise - 3rd Air -
El McMeen Bridget Cruise - 4th Air -
El McMeen Carolan's Quarrel With The Landlady -
David Surette Da Slockit Light (Shetland Air) -

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