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MBGU Fingerstyle Curriculum: Best Ragtime Solos

The MBGU Fingerstyle Curriculum Best Ragtime Solos: offers the Fingerstyle guitarist a diverse collection of ragtime pieces ranging from the classic piano rags of Scott Joplin and Tom Hayden to the "bluesier" rags typical of guitarists from the Mississippi Delta.
Level: 3, 72 pages
RefNr: MB21362BCD
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Written by: William Gangel

Edited by Stephen Siktberg
Format: Fingerstyle Medium: Book/CD
Series: Mel Bay Guitar University MBGUPublisher: Mel Bay
Genre: * | Ragtime - General | * | Fingerstyle - General |

Both standard guitar notation and tablature are provided throughout for the convenience of those who are more comfortable reading in one style or the other. All tunes in book are included on CD.

Songs - Compositions - Recordings
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Duck Baker Maple Leaf Rag -
Ton van Bergeyk Atlanta Rag -
Ton van Bergeyk Blake's Breakdown -
Ton van Bergeyk Silver Swan -
Elizabeth Cotten Shake Sugaree -
Rev Gary Davis C Rag -
Rev Gary Davis Make Believe Stunt -
Steven Eckles A Real Slow Drag -
Steven Eckles Take Your Fingers Off It -
John Fahey Take A Look At That Baby -
Stefan Grossman Bill Bailey -
Stefan Grossman Katz Rag -
Stefan Grossman Ragtime Mama Blues -
Stefan Grossman Sister Kate -
David Laibman Dallas Rag -
Jim McLennan The Entertainer -
Jim McLennan Harlem Rag -
Kerry Mills At a Georgia Camp Meeting -
Ike Smith Mabel's Dream -
Porter Steele High Society -

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