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MBGU Fingerstyle Curriculum: Best Contemporary Solos

MBGU Fingerstyle Curriculum: Best Contemporary Solos
Level: 3, 120 pages
RefNr: MB21363BCD
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Written by: William Gangel

Edited by Stephen Siktberg
Format: Fingerstyle Medium: Book/CD
Series: Mel Bay Guitar University MBGUPublisher: Mel Bay
Genre: * | Fingerstyle - General |

The MBGU Fingerstyle Curriculum series is designed to provide intermediate to advanced fingerstyle guitarists with a wide variety of attractive solo repertoire pieces. The material contained in these volumes is ideal for performance at professional engagements- whether concerts, cocktail parties or club dates. These solos can also be used for educational purposes and enjoyed by students and teachers alike. The Best Contemporary edition provides a collection of original pieces by some of today's leading fingerstyle guitarists as well as attractive arrangements of popular standards like "My Melancholy Baby" and "Nola". Both standard classic guitar notation and tablature are provided throughout for the convenience of those who are more comfortable reading in one style or the other. The accompanying CD includes 22 of the 24 pieces from the book.

Songs - Compositions - Recordings
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Duck Baker Everything That Rises Must Converge -
Duck Baker Grace Street -
Duck Baker Two Cats With New Shoes -
Carlos Barbosa-Lima The Missouri Waltz (with John Griggs) -
Carlos Barbosa-Lima My Melancholy Baby (with John Griggs) -
Carlos Barbosa-Lima Peg O' My Heart (with John Griggs) -
Dave Evans Willie Mae -
Ed Gerhard Postcard From Limbo -
John Griggs The Missouri Waltz (with Carlos Barbosa-Lima) -
John Griggs My Melancholy Baby (with Carlos Barbosa-Lima) -
John Griggs Peg O' My Heart (with Carlos Barbosa-Lima) -
Stefan Grossman Peak's Puzzle -
Stefan Grossman Rites Of Passage -
Stefan Grossman Shining Shadows -
Joh James Feet On The Ground -
David Laibman Nola -
Jean-Felix Lalanne Laguna Girls -
Jean-Felix Lalanne Nashville Family -
Al Petteway Flood Pl -
Al Petteway Midnight Ride -
Al Petteway Phooka -
Al Petteway Solitude -
Al Petteway Song For John -
Al Petteway Wolf's Head -
Chris Proctor Fond Farewells -
Chris Proctor Just Another Late Night Blues -
Rick Ruskin The Return Of The Flute -

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