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  • The Immortals (Rolling Stone) by Britney Spears

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    Madonna - recordings

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    You will find various information for each song listed. It may be in depth comments on the recording of the song (but there at not too many of these). You may find reference to CDs including the recording, books and videos where it is included, information on guitar tuning, key, chord progressions, etc. But for some, you will find nothing but the title. It all depends on how much information I have on this specific recording. (You can help me improve this by sending information.)

    "Compositions" are only listed when they are recorded by other artists than the composer or when there is no reference to a specific recording (and "recording artist" is given as "Standard".)

    Recordings by Madonna

  • American Pie - 5272
  • Beautiful Stranger - 5725
  • Frozen - 5927
  • I Deserve It - 6983
  • Like A Virgin - 16204
  • Ray Of Light - 17260
  • True Blue - 6227
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