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Backing Tracks - Minor progressions

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MIDI Backing Tracks – Minor Progressions

In various lessons I have made MIDI backing tracks, partly to illustrate chord progressions etc, partly to supply backing tracks for practice. The Backing tracks are presented here with not much comments, but with links to the lessons they are taken from, in case you want to know a bit more about the progressions etc. They are all made with Band In A Box. They are made to be "work out tools" for musicians, not give you exciting listeing material.

Backing Track - HalfSpanish
A Half Spanish: i-bVII-bVI
65 Very slowCmC#mDmEmF#mGmAmBm
90 SlowCmC#mDmEmF#mGmAmBm
120 MediumCmC#mDmEmF#mGmAmBm

Relative Minor Vamps RMV
These are MIDI backing tracks of relative minor vamps. They are in 8 keys tempo 80, both as I-vi vamps and reverse vi-I vamps. Use them to get the sound of the cords, and as backing tracks. They are about 10 minutes long.
Reverse vampsAm-CBm-DCm-EbC#m-EDm-FEm-GF#m-AGm-Bb
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Some Chord Songbook - books

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Coldplay - Complete Chord Songbook
All of Coldplay's songs from their first three albums specially arranged from the actual recordings, in the original keys. Each song includes chord symbols, guitar chord boxes, and complete lyrics. 60 songs in all.
RefNr: AM700589
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Classic Acoustic Playlist
This Chord Songbook represents the best acoustic songs ever written! Inside there is a massive selection of 70 all-time classics with complete lyrics, guitar chord boxes and chord symbols.
RefNr: IMP9806A
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Amazon UK
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Christmas Chord Songbook
Sing and play all your favourite Christmas hits with this festive guitar chord songbook. Includes lyrics, guitar boxes, chord symbols and playing guide.
RefNr: AM974754
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The Big Acoustic Guitar Chord Songbook: Platinum 2
A second spectacular platinum collection of more than seventy Acoustic songs from the 1980's to 2004.
RefNr: AM91511
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