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Category: General
Posted by: torvund

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The Beatles As Musicians

The Quarry Men Through Rubber Soul
Level: , 472 pages
RefNr: 0195141059
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Format: Misc Medium: Book (paperback)
Series: Publisher: Oxford Paperbacks

Artist: Walter Everett

Arranged by The Beatles

A comprehensive chronologically-ordered study of every aspect of the musical life of the Beatles, from the groups' beginnings in 1956 up to 1965. Of central importance is the discovery of the Beatles' innovative and captivating compositional techniques, beginning with a representative study of their performances of hundreds of songs written by others. The books main focus is on the materials and structures of the Beatles' melodies, harmonies, counterpoint, rhythms, forms, colours, and textures, and the expressive ways in which these devices portray the themes and imagery of their poetry. The book also addresses performance practice, recording procedure, historical context, and reception history.The Beatles as Musicians is a richly interpretative study, with authoritative judgements and creative suggestions for ways of hearing, interspersed with recording data and composition credits.

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